Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finding Full Text in ScienceDirect

Several questions have come up regarding results retrieved in Elsevier ScienceDirect database.  While it appears we have access to every article retrieved in a search of this database, this is not the case.  Here's a little information to help you distinguish whether or not an item is available in full text in Elsevier ScienceDirect.

In the results displayed below, you'll notice three articles are listed and all show the traditional red Adobe PDF icon just below the article, so it appears we have access to all three in full text.  However, to the right there are three arrows pointing to three different colored icons.  Each icon color represents whether or not we have access to the article.

  • White means we only have access to the abstract; we do not have access to this article in full text.  
  • Green means we have access to this article through our subscription to ScienceDirect.
  • Orange means we have access to this article through Elsevier Open Access publishing.
For more information on this, please visit Elsevier's Help Page and search for "determining your access."

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