Monday, April 18, 2016

New Printer in Library!

Douglas Library is pleased to announce we have a new printer for students.  Students can print in color or black/white.  Stapling is now available through the new printer as well. 

Students logged into library PCs will default to print to the new printer in black/white.  In order to access color printing go to File -> Print and select M207_MFP_C (c for color) from the dropdown menu. 

For color or black/white printing:

To print on one side of the paper, go to File -> Print and click on Print on Both Sides to select your option to Print One Sided. 

To staple documents, go to File -> Print and click on No Staples to view your options for stapling.

If the new printer is busy, you can still send documents to M207 (backup printer in library).  The HP 4610 color printer is no longer available. 

Ask library staff for assistance - we're here to help!    

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