Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do you have your textbooks?

It's the third week of classes and most likely your courses are in full swing...but are you fully prepared?  Circumstances sometimes get in the way of our successes, and Douglas Library and your instructors want to help you be successful.

If you don't have all of your textbooks - can't afford them, didn't order them on time, didn't think you'd need them - and now you find you do, why not check with the library to see if your textbook is on course reserve?

Course reserve is a service provided by the library in collaboration with several campus instructors that makes many (not all) textbooks available for on-campus, in-library use for two hours at a time.  Some instructors also use the course reserve service to provide access to DVDs and other materials viewed in class.  This can be helpful for many reasons - perhaps you have downtime between classes and wish to catch up on some reading, or you left your book home and you need to work on homework.  Maybe you missed a lecture that included a DVD you are required to watch on your own time.  A copy of the textbook and other items may be available to borrow for use in the library.   

For more information about course reserves, visit our Course Reserve LibGuide.  You can also find a link to the LibGuide on the library home page.  Feel free to stop by the library and see if we have your textbook(s).  A valid CCC ID will be required to borrow course reserve items.  Remember, Douglas Library and CCC faculty are here for you!

**Please note, to ensure course materials are available to all students whenever the library is open, course reserve items cannot be borrowed for use outside of the library (i.e. cannot take to class or home).

Also, course reserves is at the discretion of the instructor.  The library may not have all textbooks in use during the semester.  If you find your textbook is not on course reserve, we recommend you speak with your instructor to see if s/he has a copy of the textbook available for placement on course reserve. 

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